Russian Federation didn't accept our first ever intersex specific UPR recommendation

UPR specific intersex recommendation for Russia from Spain. Intersex Russia
Intersex Russia at the UN during UPR's 3rd cycle

As a result of Intersex Russia's work and advocacy in Russia and in Geneva during the third cycle of Universal Periodic Review, during the 30th Session of Universal Periodic Review of Russian Federation on May 14th 2018 Russia received it's first ever specific intersex recommendation from Spain.

The recommendation states (thank you ILGA for the information provided):


Spain: Prohibit non-consensual medical interventions performed on intersex people until the person in question is old enough to grant the free and informed consent, unless the intervention is absolutely necessary for the development of their vital functions (6.229).


This recommendation is one of the very few specific intersex recommendations ever given during the three UPR cycles to date.

Information from Intersex Russia's UPR submission was included in the Summary of Stakeholders’ submissions on  Russian Federation. Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights:


18. Intersex Russia (IR) reported that intersex people are experiencing violations of their basic human rights, including the right to full informed consent, physical integrity and self-determination. Medically “normalizing” surgeries are performed on  intersex  people,  often done without their full, free and informed consent. IR recommended ensuring that human rights  violations  against  intersex  people  are  investigated,  alleged  perpetrators  prosecuted,and victims have access to effective remedy, including redress and compensation.

Our UPR submission about situation with intersex human rights in Russia is available here, it's Russian version is available here.

During the session Russian government officials denied most human rights violations that are happening in Russia (
1, 2). They didn't comment on violations of intersex human rights that are happening in Russia.

Video recording of the Russian Federation Review during the 30th Session of Universal Periodic Review is available here. You can find the recommendation from Spain to Russia at 00:52:27.


During the 30th UPR Working Group Sessions Russian Federation received 21 SOGIESC recommendations.

We want to thank the government of Spain for this recommendation!

In September 2018 we learned that Russian Government didn't accept this recommendation. We regret this decision, but we still stand ready to work with the Government towards the recognition of intersex human rights in Russia.

Today, on September 21st 2018 UN held a session about the outcome of Universal Periodic Review of Russian Federation. During the session Helen Nolan from International Service for Human Rights delivered our joint oral statement with ISHR about the recommendation.

Please watch chapter 22. International Service for Human Rights, Ms. Helen Nolan at 00:48:48 here.

Representatives of Russian Federation didn't comment on our oral statement during the meeting and didn't answer the question we asked in the statement.

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